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Oracle 10g & D2K Online Training

Oracle 10g & D2K Online Training in India

Course Duration : 60 Hrs

Oracle Database simply called Oracle is an object relational database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle is one of the best implementations of RDBMS. It manages memory very efficiently and can handle complex JOIN operations. Oracle has a great architecture and it makes it rock solid because it is very easy to organize different applications data very well. Oracle database is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing. The enterprise grid computing provides the most flexible and cost effective way to manage information and applications.

Oracle 10g & D2K Course Content

Forms 6i / 10g

Course Contents :
➢ Introduction
➢ Advantages, Features and roles in ERP
➢ Pre-requisites
➢ Tools used in D2K
➢ Fundamentals
➢ How to install and work with D2K
➢ Interface of forms
➢ Types of Data Blocks
➢ Manipulating Properties
➢ Creation of Object Groups
➢ Form Triggers
➢ Alerts
➢ Editors
➢ Using image Items
➢ Graphics
➢ Canvases
➢ Windows
➢ Menus
(Developer 2000) Forms and Reports ➢ Program Units
➢ PL/SQL Libraries
➢ Database Objects
➢ Working with Object Technology
➢ Record Groups
➢ LOV's
➢ Advanced Topics of Forms
➢ Error Handling

Reports 6i / 10g

➢ Introduction
➢ Advantages, features and roles of Reports in D2K
➢ Fundamentals of Reports
➢ Interfaces of Reports
➢ Creation of Reports using Wizards
➢ Creation of Reports Manually
➢ Manual Reports
➢ Report Triggers
➢ Creation of Templates
➢ Communication / Interlinking of Forms & Reports

racle SQL & PL/SQL

Oracle 10g / 11g

Course Contents :
➢ Introduction
➢ Introduction to DBMS
➢ Approach to Data Management
➢ Introduction to Pre-requisites
➢ File and Filesystem
➢ Disadvantages of file
➢ Introduction to Database
➢ Database Models
Hierarchal Model
Network Model
Relational Model
➢ Introduction to RDBMS


➢ Sub Language Commands
➢ Introduction to SQL Database Objects
➢ Working with DML, DRL commands, Operator support
➢ Built-in Functions
➢ Grouping the result of a query
➢ Querying multiple tables
➢ Working with Sub-Queries
Oracle SQL & PL/SQL
➢ Integrity Constraints
➢ Working with DCL, TCL commands
➢ Maintaining Database Objects


➢ Introduction to PL/SQL
➢ The Advantages of PL/SQL
➢ PL/SQL Architechture, PL/SQL Data Types
➢ Advanced PL/SQL
➢ Advanced Version Features
➢ Implementing Object Technology
➢ Using LOB's
➢ Using Collections
➢ Oracle Database Architechture

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Oracle 10g & D2K online training institute address : B1, 3rd Floor, Eureka Court, Near Image Hospital, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, India

Oracle 10g & D2K Online Training from India

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