The Implementation Methodology is based upon Enterprise Project Methodology with special attention to the capabilities that Ab Initio software provides for complex and/or data intensive applications and systems. This methodology has been built on various experiences utilizing Ab Initio software. Just as the functionality of Ab Initio software is ever expanding in meeting (and often exceeding) market need, so too does Ab Initio methodology.

Angular 4 Online Training Course Content

Anatomy of an Angular 4 Application

  • Get the Most from This Course
  • Angular vs Angular 2 vs Angular 4 
  • Sample Application
  • Course Outline
  • Selecting a Language
  • Selecting an Editor
  • Setting up Our Environment
  • Setting up an Angular 4 Application
  • Running an Angular 4 Application
  • About Modules
  • Loading ES Modules and Hosting Our Application

Introduction to Components

  • Introduction
  • What Is a Component?
  • Creating the Component Class
  • Defining the Metadata with a Decorator
  • Importing What We Need
  • Demo: Creating the App Component
  • Bootstrapping Our App Component
  • Demo: Bootstrapping Our App Component

Templates, Interpolation, and Directives

  • Building a Template
  • Building the Component
  • Using a Component as a Directive
  • Binding with Interpolation
  • Adding Logic with Directives: ngIf
  • Adding Logic with Directives: ngFor

Data Binding & Pipes

  • Property Binding
  • Handling Events with Event Binding
  • Handling Input with Two-way Binding
  • Transforming Data with Pipes

More on Components

  • Defining Interfaces
  • Encapsulating Component Styles
  • Using Lifecycle Hooks
  • Building Custom Pipes
  • Relative Paths with Module Id

Building Nested Components

  • Building a Nested Component
  • Using a Nested Component
  • Passing Data to a Nested Component Using @Input
  • Passing Data from a Component Using @Output

Services and Dependency Injection

  • How Does It Work?
  • Building a Service
  • Registering the Service
  • Injecting the Service

Retrieving Data Using HTTP

  • Observables and Reactive Extensions
  • Sending an HTTP Request
  • Exception Handling
  • Subscribing to an Observable

Navigation and Routing Basics

  • How Routing Works
  • Configuring Routes
  • Tying Routes to Actions
  • Placing the Views

Navigation and Routing Additional Techniques

  • Passing Parameters to a Route
  • Activating a Route with Code
  • Protecting Routes with Guards

Angular Modules

  • What Is an Angular Module?
  • Bootstrap Array
  • Declarations Array
  • Exports Array
  • Imports Array
  • Providers Array
  • Feature Modules
  • Shared Module
  • Revisiting AppModule

Form Basic in Angular 4

  • Reviewing the angular-seed Project
  • A Simple Form and ngForm
  • Shutting Off Browser Form Validation
  • Styling Forms and Text Input Using Bootstrap
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Select and Options
  • Browser Inconsistencies for Input Types

Data Binding in Angular Forms

  • Data Binding and ngModel
  • Creating a Model Object
  • Binding to Your Model
  • Calling a Method in Place of Binding
  • Calling a Method in Place of Binding
  • Binding a Checkbox
  • Binding Radio Buttons
  • Binding a Select Control

Form Validation

  • CSS Classes for Validation
  • CSS Validation Classes in Action
  • ngModel Validation Properties
  • Showing Error Messages
  • Styling Controls for Errors
  • HTML 5 Attributes for Validation
  • Validating a Select Control
  • More on Select Control Validation
  • Form Level Validation
  • Disabling the Submit Button

HTTP Form Posting and Data Access

  • Creating a Test Node Server
  • Creating an Angular Service to Post a Form
  • Handling a Form's Submit Event
  • Validating the Form Before a Post
  • Setting up an Observable and a Subscriber
  • Posting to the Server
  • Handling a Server Error
  • Retrieving an ID From the Server
  • Loading Data from a Server
  • Dynamic Options for a Select Control

Third-party Form Controls

  • Setting up ng4-bootstrap
  • Datepicker
  • Timepicker
  • A Toggle Switch
  • Horizontal Radio Buttons

Angular 4 Setup Revisited

  • TypeScript Configuration File (tsconfig.json) & TypeScript Definitions File (typings.json)
  • npm Package File (package.json)
  • SystemJS Configuration File (systemjs.config.js)
  • index.html File Scripts
  • Bootstrapping Revisited
  • Angular CLI
  • Recapping Our Journey

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