SAS is an integrated software suite, which is used for advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and predictive analytics. SAS Certification is the Global Certification Program, which includes credentials that validate the SAS skills in analytics. It helps the SAS professionals achieve their career goals.

There are several SAS certifications such as skills in Programming, Analytics, Data Science, Administration, Data Management and Enterprise Business Intelligence.

SAS Online Training Course Content


  • Introduction of SAS software
  • Industries using SAS
  • Components of SAS System
  • Architecture of SAS system
  • Functionality of SAS System
  • Introduction of SAS windows

Working in the SAS Environment

  • Functionality of SAS Windows
  • Creating and managing SAS Libraries
  • Overview of SAS Data states
  • Types of Libraries
  • Storing files temporarily and permanently
  • Referencing SAS files

Creating database from raw data

  • Steps to create a SAS dataset
  • Creating SAS dataset using text file
  • Creating SAS dataset using text file with delimiters
  • Creating SAS dataset using structured text file
  • Creating SAS dataset using unstructured text file
  • Creating SAS dataset using Excel file
  • Creating SAS dataset using Access file
  • Creating SAS dataset using values inside the code

Creating AND Redefining variable

  • Use with different conditional statements

Debugging Error Message


Output delivery system

  • Concepts of output delivery system
  • How ODS works and viewing output of ODS in different format
  • HTML, RTF, PDF etc.

Combination the dataset

  • One-o-one reading
  • One to many
  • Many to many
  • Concatenation
  • Interleaving
  • Match merge


  • Character function
  • Numerical function
  • Arithmetical function
  • Mathematical function
  • Date Function

Loops in SAS: Do Loops

  • Do Loop
  • Do While
  • Do Until


  • Definition of array
  • Example of array

Procedure in SAS

  • Procedure Format
  • Procedure Contents
  • Procedure Options
  • Procedure Append
  • Procedure Compare
  • Procedure Transpose
  • Procedure Print
  • Procedure Import
  • Procedure Export
  • Procedure Datasets
  • Procedure Rank
  • Procedure Tabulate
  • Procedure Chart, Gchart, Gplot
  • Procedure Report

Advance SAS Topics

Advance programming - Proc SQL

  • Performing Queries Using PROC SQL
  • Performing Advanced Queries Using PROC SQL
  • Combining Tables Horizontally Using PROC SQL
  • Combining Tables Vertically Using PROC SQL
  • Creating and Managing Tables Using PROC SQL
  • Creating and Managing Indexes Using PROC SQL

Advance programming - Macro

  • Introduction to Macros
  • Defining Macro facility
  • Generating SAS code using Macros
  • Placing text using Macro variable
  • Passing Macro Elements
  • Macro Execution Process
  • Macro Statements


  • Introduction to graphics
  • Introduction to graphics
  • Types of Graphics (with latest models)
  • Defining procedure Graphics


  • Study material: Notes and Books
  • Daily assignments with respect to chapter for hands on experience
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume preparation help

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