Cognos Online Training Course Content

Overview IBM Cognos BI, Cognos BI Architecture & Data ware Housing

  • Introduction to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and analytics tool, understanding Cognos 10 and its Architecture
  • Core concepts of data warehousing, various types of OLAP
  • Cognos Framework Manager
  • Architecture Cognos Analytics 11
  • How Cognos Analytics 11 enhances the User Interface
  • Advance Cognos Analytics 11 UI

New UI features of Cognos Analytics 11

  • Understanding the new UI features of Cognos 11
  • New navigation features
  • New search engine
  • The new unified user interface feature
  • Three options for creating Cognos content viz. Report authoring, dashboard and data module
  • Simplified administration pages& a complete modern look in Cognos Analytics 11

Cognos Analytics 11 Query Studio

Cognos Analytics 11 Report Studio

  • Introduction to IBM Report Studio, understanding what is Report Authoring
  • Creating reports using Report Studio, various types of Reports, grouping, formatting, and sorting list Reports, aggregating data
  • New Report Studio interface in Cognos 11
  • Reporting functions and active reports
  • Dashboard enhancement in Cognos Analytics 11
  • Creating dashboard and drill through feature

Reporting using Filters,Formatting,Charts

  • Performing filtering, grouping and sorting of Reports
  • Filtering to narrow focus of Report
  • Cross tab Reports, formatting and sorting Cross tab Reports
  • Creating Charts, adding context to Charts

Reports using Prompts and calculations

  • Learning about various Prompts on Reports
  • Working with Prompts to focus data
  • Searching Prompt items, customization
  • Page navigation
  • Displaying user Prompt selection
  • Extending Report capabilities using calculation
  • Creation of statistical calculations

Advance Report Building Techniques

  • Reusing objects in the same Report
  • layout sharing between different Reports
  • working with various templates
  • handling Reports with no available data
  • Learning to customize Reports with showing, hiding and highlighting data
  • Rendering conditional objects
  • How to use the published Report in Cognos 11
  • Drilling through the Report with Cognos Analytics 11
  • Specifying run report options and properties of the entry
  • Understanding the alerts and watch items

Drilling through Reports

  • Understanding the concept of Drill through
  • Comparing parameter-driven and dynamic drill through, drilling from one report to another
  • enhancing report layout, combining data containers, formatting data and report objects

Advanced Dynamic Reports

  • Introduction to advanced Cognos reporting
  • Navigating using table of contents
  • Creating dynamic titles and headers
  • Detailed learning of advanced report authoring
  • Editing SQL statements
  • Distributing Report content to various users
  • Creating Master-Detail Report
  • Conditional formatting of Reports using variables, string and Boolean expressions, examining report specification and modifying
  • Deploying Java Scripts and HTML items for user interaction

Cognos Analytics 11 Data Modules

  • Introduction to Cognos Analytics 11 Data Modules
  • creation of Data server connection
  • uploading of files datasets
  • Intent driven modelling, navigation and calculations, using data modules to modulate data without using Framework Manager
  • Understand how Cognos 11 is a huge step in data integration and modulation, data discovery through intent-based modelling
  • Connecting to a data server
  • How to upload files, navigation and calculation
  • Creating data modules with inputs from diverse set of data
  • Other data modules, data servers, data sets, uploaded files

Working with Dashboards

  • The process of dashboarding in IBM Cognos
  • Creating a dashboard by adding report content and tools, exploring the drill through feature
  • How to filter data in the dashboard
  • What is widget-to-widget communication, sorting, grouping and calculating data

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