Short form for J2EE is Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition. J2EE is a platform-independent, Java centric environment from Sun for developing, building and deploying Web-based enterprise applications online. The J2EE platform consists of a set of services, APIs, and protocols that provide the functionality for developing multi-tiered, Web-based applications. J2EE supports pure HTML, as well as Java applets or applications. It relies on Java Server Pages and servlet code to create HTML or other formatted data for the client.

J2EE Training Course Content

Advanced JAVA


  • What is JDBC
  • Overview of JDBC Process
  • Types of JDBC Drivers
  • Statement
  • Prepared Statement
  • Callable Statement
  • Resultset and Rowset
  • Database Metadata
  • Resultset Metadata
  • Batch Updates
  • Scrollable Resultsets
  • Updatable Resultsets

Java Servlets

  • Introduction to web programming
  • Advantages of Servlets over CGI
  • Types of Servlets
  • Servlet life cycle
  • Deployment descriptor file
  • GET and POST methods
  • Inter Servlet Communication
  • Session tracking
  • Cookies
  • Hidden fields
  • Sessions
  • Deploying a Web Application on Tomcat


  • Introduction to JSP
  • JSP vs Servlets
  • JSP architecture
  • JSP tags
  • Scripting Elements
  • Directive Elements
  • Standard Action Elements
  • Implicit objects


  • Introduction to RMI
  • RMI Registry
  • Stubs and Skeletons
  • Developing a simple application using RMI

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