Webdesigning Training Course Content

Introduction to Webdesigning

  • Overview of Webdesigning and Webdesigning SDK
  • History of Webdesigning
  • Webdesigning features

Introduction to Webdesigning :

Web design is a process of conceptualization, planning, modeling, and execution of electronic media content delivery via Internet in the form of technologies such as markup languages suitable for interpretation and display by a web browser or other web-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs).With growing specialization within communication design and information technology fields, there is a strong tendency to draw a clear line between web design specifically for web pages and web development for the overall logistics of all web-based services.

What type of tasks are involved in Web Design Web designers often work on many projects at a time while ensuring that each one meets its deadlines and is of high quality. There are a variety of tasks for web designers when working on a project.

  • Work closely with customers to answer questions and to gain an understanding of project. Act as an advisor, guiding clients through each step of site construction.
  • Prepare specifications, storyboards, and design prototypes to employers and customers.
  • Use languages such as hypertext mark-up language, JavaScript, and others to write web pages.
  • Create and maintain project budgets.

Careers in Web Designing :

Web Designers have many sources of income; the greatest advantage of web designing is you can work from any place you want to develop projects. Few ways of income sources for web designers.

  • Creating your own websites and earning with advertisements
  • Working as Web Designer for a Company
  • Working as Freelancer for other companies
  • Working on online projects from Freelance websites

Why Web Designing?

Having an excellently designed web site is like an asset for any company, because it reflects the Company ’s position and credibility. At present there are thousands of web design companies in this world.

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Web Designing Course Content


  • Introduction to HTML
  • Basic Tags

Adding Headings, Paragraphs and Breaks, Adding Lists

Links within a page

Link paths explained

Adding Images

Adding an image to your page, Making an image into a link

Aligning text with images Adding the “alt” attribute to your image Creating Links

Linking pages to each other, Adding E-Mail Links

HTML Frames

HTML Tables

Form Designing


Search Engine Friendliness

Adding Titles, Adding META-Descriptions, Adding META-keywords

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