React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building Web Applications. It follows component-based approach. Easy to create smaller components and build large-scale applications. The main goal is to build large-scale high-performance applications with smaller and reusable stateful components. We provide ReactJS Training by Real-Time Experts with Real-Time Scenarios and always support.

Objectives of the Course :-

  • The main objective of React Training is to create smaller components to build Interactive User interfaces.
  • Anyone who is trying to learn fastest growing UI framework and one of the top 3 frameworks. It is growing fast in terms of opportunities too.

Prerequisites :-

  • HTML and JavaScript

ReactJS Training Course Content

  • Introduction to ReactJS
  • Understand JavaScript MVC
  • Understand the View Technology
  • Overview of ReactJS
  • Configuration
  • Javascript MVC
  • View Technology
  • Introduction to ReactJS
  • React and SPA
  • Basic Setup
  • First Example – Hello World
  • React Concepts
  • Render Elements
  • Components and Props
  • State and Lifecycle
  • Handling Events
  • React Concepts
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Lists and Keys
  • Forms
  • Lifting State Up
  • Composition vs Inheritance
  • Core Concepts
  • Three Principles
  • Redux Setup
  • First example
  • Action Creators
  • State Shape
  • Handling Actions
  • Splitting Reducers
  • Store
  • Dispatch Actions
  • Data Flow
  • Install React Redux
  • Presentational and Container Components
  • Design Component Hierarchy
  • Implementing Components
  • Passing the store

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