TIBCO Business Works (BW) is TIBCO BW's enterprise platform for implementing world-class integration solutions.TIBCO has been market leader in MIDDLEWARE Solutions. In this Training, participants acquire key skills needed to solve integration challenges using this platform. Each session would be containing theoretical session and LAB thereafter. Once the Training is over participant would be able to build, deploy, monitor complex solutions in TIBCO.

Tibco BW Training Course Content

1. EAI Concepts

  • Introduction to EAI
  • Features of TIBCO EAI
  • What is a middleware?
  • Features of middleware


  • What is TRA?
  • What are the features of T.R.A
  • What are the components of T.R.A


  • What is a Business work
  • What is designer
  • What are the Panels in designer
  • What is palette

Types of palettes

  • Process Palette
  • File Palette
  • Parse Palette
  • Xml tools
  • Xml Activity Palette
  • General Palette
  • Java Palette
  • Jdbc Palette
  • Active enterprise adapter
  • JMS Palette
  • RV Palette
  • Soap Palette
  • Wsdl Palette
  • Http Palette
  • Serive Palette


  • What is a webservice
  • How to call a webservice
  • How many ways we can create WS.


  • Activities
  • What is a Transiton ,condition and Types
  • What is a group
  • What are the types of Group
  • Xpath
  • Error Handling ways


  • Jdbc transaction
  • XA transaction
  • JMS transaction


  • Process Variables
  • Shared Variable
  • JOB Shared Variable
  • How to perform interprocess communication
  • Confirmation and checkpoint activities scenarios with BW.

Explain each palette with Example

BW Performance tuning by JVM parameters


  • What is E.M.S
  • What is difference between EMS and RV
  • What is a Message destination and types
  • Queue
  • Topic
  • Multicasting
  • What are the types of queues and topics
  • Static and Dynamic destinations with functionality usage.
  • Messaging models
  • Destination properties
  • Delivery modes
  • Persistant
  • Nonpersistant
  • EMS_reliable delivery mode
  • Types of Storage Modes?
  • Types of Acknowledgements
  • Wild cards
  • Message Selector
  • Bridge and configuration?
  • Route and Configuration?
  • How to perform Load Balancing
  • Fault tolerance
  • How to configure FaultTolerance
  • How to configure ACL
  • Admin permissions
  • Setting Failsafe
  • EMS Administration Commands
  • EMS FINE TUNE performance parameters
  • Add EMS Server to TIBCOAdministration
  • EMS realtime issues with Unix
  • How to create users , groups and setting     admin permissions.


  • What is Rendezvous Messaging?
  • How to configure Transport
  • Types of Quality of Services
  • RVR
  • RVCM
  • RVTX
  • RVDQ
  • Functionality of Rendezvous message deamon(RVD).
  • RV agent
  • RV relay agent deamon(RVRAD).


  • What is a adapter.
  • Adapter features
  • Adapter sevices
  • Publication services
  • Subscription service
  • Request and response service
  • Request response service Invoke
  • Active Database Adapter
  • Setting load balancing and fault tolerance in ADB adapter
  • File Adapter
  • Custom Adapter

7. TIBCO Administration 5.7

  • Domain Creation
  • What is the use of administrator
  • What is a domain and types
  • Types domain repositories  
  • Creating EAR File
  • Deploy EAR File through GUI
  • Types of deplyments
  • Scripting Deployment
  • User Management (Create User, Grant Roles)
  • Resource Management
  • Application Management
  • Domain utility functionality
  • Appmanage utility
  • Global Variables
  • Load Balancing of Services
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Performance Tuning
  • Configuring Log Trace
  • Configuring basic Monitoring Rules

8. TIBCO Hawk 4.9

  • Hawk Architecture and Communications
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Hawk Display
  • Micro agent, Methods and Alerts
  • Types of Alerts
  • Suspending alert messages
  • Setting scheduling
  • Invoke Hawk Micro agent Methods
  • Rule Base
  • Email Alerts from Hawk
  • Rule base Scheduling
  • Deployment of Rules

9. Ems gems TOOL

  • Server Monitoring
  • Server Management
  • JMS support.
  • JMS Message Monitoring
  • JMS Message Management

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