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Loadrunner Online Training

Loadrunner Online Training in India

Course Duration : 25 to 30 Hrs

Loadrunner Course Content

  • Introduction to perfromence testing
  • Introduction to loadrunner
  • Benchmark specification in loadrunner
  • History of loadrunner
  • Componenets in loadrunner
  • Vuser types and protocol scripts in loadrunner
  • Adding / removing protocol in loadrunner
  • Record and playback under virtual user generator
  • Insert comments in loadrunner
  • Difference between html and url based scripts
  • Responsetime / parameterization in loadrunner
  • Different types of logfile in loadrunner
  • Steps for script development process
  • Thinktime and breakpoint in vugen
  • Use of actions and compile in vugen
  • Checkpoints in loadrunner
  • Rendezvous point in loadrunner
  • How we will use quality center in loadrunenr
  • Compare and regenerate script in loadrunner
  • Cow to configure runtime settings
  • Data volumetesting in loadrunner
  • Ir functions in loadrunner
  • String manipulation in loadrunner
  • Corelation in loadrunner
  • Introduction to controller
  • Introduction design / run under controller
  • Different types of components under design parts
  • Different types of components under run part
  • Setting time intervel in controller
  • Service level aggrements(sla) under controller
  • Infromation about manual / goal oriented senarios
  • Rendezvous point under controller
  • Introduction to analysis part
  • Grphs under analysis part
  • How generate all reports under analysis part
  • Different types of componenets in alaysis part
  • Loadrunner testing process
  • Resume prepartion and explain interview process

We are providing Loadrunner Online Training in Ameerpet Hyderabad. We are one of best Institute to provide Best High Quality Loadrunner online training all over India. The IT Professionals and Students from India and abroad who are unable to attend regular classes can attend our Loadrunner online training from their home in their convenient timings. For more details on Loadrunner Online Training please call to 9290971883, / 9247461324, or drop a mail to

Loadrunner online training institute address : B1, 3rd Floor, Eureka Court, Near Image Hospital, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, India

Loadrunner and Performance Testing Online Training from India

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