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Mean Stack Online Training

Mean Stack Online Training in India

Course Duration : 45 Hrs

Building End to End Dashboard Application using MEAN stack Which will include GET, POST call in node js, Data from MongoDB. Frontend in Angular 5 and Deployment on AWS server

Mean Stack Course Content

Node and Mongo

Node Js Training- Introducing Node
  • What is Node Js Training?
  • Node.Js Architecture – Overview
  • Components of Node.Js
  • The Event Loop Concept
  • Asynchronous I/O
  • Why NodeJs?
Dev Envrionment Setup
  • Installing NodeJs
  • Installing MongoDB
The REPL Terminal
Getting started with Node.Js application
  • Working with Node.Js Packages (NPM)
  • Creating a Node.Js application
  • Writing Data to the console
  • Creating a Node.Js Packaged Module
  • Publishing a Node.js Packaged Module to NPM Registry
Working with Events, Timers & Callbacks in Node.Js
  • Event Model
  • Adding work to the Event Queue
  • Implementing Callbacks
Handling I/O in Node.js
  • Buffers
  • Working with JSON Data
  • Compressing & Decompressing Data with Zlib
Accessing the File System
  • Opening & Closing Files
  • Writing Files
  • Reading Files
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous File System Calls
  • Other FS Tasks
  • Verifying Path Existence
  • Getting File Info
  • Listing Files
  • Deleting file
  • Creating & Deleting Directories
  • Renaming Files & Directories
Implementing HTTP Services
  • Creating a simple HTTP Server
  • Understanding URLs
  • Processing Querystring and Parameters
  • Serving static files with HTTP Server
  • Implementing dynamic GET Servers
  • Implementing POST Servers
ExpressJs – The Middleware
  • Installing ExpressJs
  • Creating a simple Hello World Express App
  • The express generator
  • Routing
  • Writing Middleware
  • Error Handling
  • EJS / JADE – Template to create Views
Building a Data Model with MongoDB & Mongoose
  • MongoDB – Introduction
  • Mapping of SQL Knowledge to MongoDB
  • CRUD Operations in MongoDB (using MongoDB Shell)
  • Connecting express app to MongoDB
  • Defining Simple Mongoose Schema
Writing REST APIs Using Express
  • The rules of a REST API
  • Setting up the API in Express
  • Handling CRUD Operations to MongoDB using Mongoose
Consuming REST API
  • How to call an API from Express
  • Handling the CRUD Operations to MongoDB by consuming the Express API
  • Modifying Views to display data
Managing Authentication and User Sessions
  • Creating a user schema for MongoDB, with password encryption
  • Creating an authentication API with Passport
  • Securing relevant API endpoints
  • Managing User Sessions
Testing Node Servers
  • Unit Testing with Mocha

Angular 5

Starting with Angular 5 Application
  • Angular vs Angular 2 vs Angular 5
  • Overview of Sample Application
  • Course Overview
  • Language Use for Development
  • Different Editor Overview
  • Environment setup for Angular5
  • Installing an Angular 5 Application
  • Starting an Angular 5 Application
  • Hosting Angular5 application using seed
Components in Angular5
  • Introduction
  • Use of Component?
  • What is Component Class
  • Integrating Decorator
  • Implement and defining the Metadata
  • Importing Third Party Library
  • Creating first App Component
  • Loading/Bootstrapping App Component
Directives In Angular 5
  • Create Directive using Components
  • Binding/ Interpolation data in component
  • Implementing ngIf Directives
  • Implementing ngFor Directives
Templates and Interpolation
  • Design Template in Angular5
  • Building the Component
Interpolation & Pipes/Custom Pipes
  • Binding property and values
  • Implement Input with Two-way Binding
  • Implement Events with Event Binding
  • Custom Pipes and Data transforming
Nested Components
  • Component inside Component
  • How to use Nested Component
  • Use @Input to Pass data in Nested Component
  • Use @Output to Pass data from Nested Component
Deep Inside Components
  • Interfaces Classes in Angular5
  • Adding Styles to component
  • Different Lifecycle Hooks
  • Adding Custom Pipes
  • How to use Module Id
Dependency Injection and Service Angular5
  • What is Dependency Injection
  • Design a Service
  • Build the Service
  • Injecting the Service
Adding Retrieving Data Using HTTP
  • Building API Link
  • Sending data in HTTP Request
  • Exception Handling
  • Observables from RXJS
  • Reactive Extensions
  • Subscribing data using Observable
Navigation and Routing Basics
  • How Routing Works
  • Configuring Routes
  • Tying Routes to Actions
  • Placing the Views
Angular5 Routing and Navigation
  • Sending Parameters to a Route
  • Activating a Route with Code
  • Authenticate Routes
Form Basic in Angular 5
  • Creating new angular-seed Project
  • Form and ngForm in Ang5
  • Stop Inbuilt Form Validation of Browser
  • Add bootstrap to Style Forms and Text Input
  • Use Radio Buttons in Form
  • Use Select and Options in Form
  • Use Checkboxes in Form
Binding Data in Angular5 Forms
  • Use ngModel for 2-way binding
  • Data Binding in Angular5 Forms
  • Use Model Object
  • Binding Models
  • Data Binding in Select Control
  • Data Binding in Checkbox
  • Data Binding in Radio Buttons
Validate Form in Angular5
  • Validation Classes
  • Properties of ngModel Validation
  • Display Error Messages in Form
  • Add Style Controls in Errors
  • Select List validation
  • Deep inside the Select Control
  • Enable/Disable Submit Button
  • Top Form Level Validation
  • Attributes of HTML 5
Posting Data using HTTP in Angular5 Forms
  • Create Server Using Angular
  • Post a Form data in Angular Server
  • Event Handling in Form's Submit
  • Adding Validation to form in Angular5
  • Adding RsJx
  • Using Observable and a Subscriber
  • Send data to the Server
  • Handling Error
  • Dynamic Options for a Select Control
Third-party Form Controls
  • External Date picker in Angular5
  • Adding Time picker in Forms
  • Styling up ng5-bootstrap
  • Add Switch in Angular5
  • Multiple Radio Buttons
Reactive Form in Aangular5
  • Starting with reactive form
  • From builder
  • Binding data
  • Validation in form
  • Run time validation
Modules in Angular5
  • Use of Module in Angular5?
  • Declarations of Array in Angular5
  • Import and Export Various Array
  • Angular5 Providers
  • Building Shared Module in Angular5
Deployment on AWS
  • EC2 Machine
  • Intro to GitHub
  • Deploy App on AWS
Testing in Angular5

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